Ever Deal With The Devil?

Direct response copywriting for tomorrow’s hottest brands.

Copy Infused With Soul…(s)

Choose your style. Sign in blood. Let the games begin.

Influence is inevitable.

Words control behavior,
I write the words.

Anyone can be triggered to act, just kick their dog.

The Devil's Pen Lex DeVille

When did good enough become standard business practice? When did startups start to lose their souls?

Brand identity isn’t cooked up by kids with easy-bake GPT ovens. Something’s missing and that something is the difference between, “might buy again” and “I’LL KILL MYSELF WITHOUT YOU, INK YOUR NAME ACROSS MY TITS!”

Copywriters are like Midwest meth (found everywhere for cheap). That’s not what this is. This is about identity, personality, persuasion. It’s the power to sway elections, sell out stadiums, burn your name into the pages of history.

If any of that revs your engines, you don’t need another copywriter, you need The Devil’s Pen.

The Devil's Pen Lex DeVille

World’s Most Dangerous Copywriter

Lex DeVille’s the name. Copywriter of 13+ years. Sold everything from $50,000 coaching programs to tickle-your-butt stuff. I’m kind of a psych nut. Got those fancy degrees. BA and MA in psychology. Working on a PhD in psych right now. 

Usually, I write for high-profile brands, people, and businesses. Sometimes I take on fun projects. SaaS, music, sex, ecom, weird NFT stuff.

I teach writers too. Got like 15,000 YouTube subscribers, 14,000 enrolled in my courses. Featured on Upwork, iNLP, the Joplin Globe, Kyle Keegan Radio Show, The Fastlane Forum, Military Spouse, Next Gen Mil Spouse, and a bunch of other places.

I’m a US Army Veteran, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, pianist, full-time single dad, and the best god damn brand copywriter in the world.

The Devil's Pen - HR for Health
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen

Executive Services

Brand Copywriting | Direct Response Copy | Email Copywriting | Funnel Copywriting | NLP Copywriting


✅ Growing Software and AI Platforms

✅ High-Profile & Celebrities & Mass Influencers

✅ Boutique Ecommerce Stores

✅ Blockchain, Crypto, & NFT Brands

✅ Really Creative and/or Weird Shit


❌ Anything That Has to Do With Real Estate

❌ Fintech and Finance (Unless It’s Crypto)

❌ Cosmetics

❌ Non-Backed (Broke) Startups

❌ Other Boring Stuff That Nobody Will Ever Buy


Lex is a phenomenal writer! He helped re-craft a script for one of my main marketing videos. He gave it an edge I never would have been able to do alone. Now I use that video as my primary marketing tool and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve recommended Lex to several friends and colleagues. If / when I need a writer, Lex will be the first person I turn to.

Dr. Cammy Froude

Trauma Therapist, DrCammy.com

The Devil's Pen - HR for Health
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen
The Devil's Pen


Easy as 1… 2… Ahh! My Hair’s Aflame 🔥🔥

Step 1: Consult

You’re in a chair in a dark room, wrists tied behind your back. I shine a bright light in your face and scream obscenities ’til you cry for mommy… (mostly, just tell me about your business).

Now it gets exciting. Read and sign my service agreement. Fill out my Brand Analysis Survey (BAS). I’ll give you a private number to reach me anytime.

Step 2: Agree

Step 3: Write

Silence, check. Lighting, check. Tunes, check. Copywriting trance, initiated. Ready? Clench your thighs and grab a spare pair of underwear. Weather’s forecasting rain 💦💦 

This is it! Publish your writing and get it in front of people as fast as possible. It’s time to ignite your brand hotter than Hades’ hot tub after Hunter King hops in.

Step 4: Money


I have hired Lex for all of my content marketing needs. He has an amazing flair for words. I have received positive feedback from clients that my marketing content is creative and unique. I highly recommend using Lex for your business.

Gail Tolstoi-Miller

Consult NetworX, Heavy Metal Zen


What's the Cost?

$150 for consultation. If we work together, I bill against a retainer of $3,000.* If the project exceeds the retainer, then billing switches to my hourly rate of $100.

*Large projects may require a larger retainer.

What's Your Best Writing Style?

My best style is simple, casual copy. My favorite style is dark, gritty, and totally inappropriate. Most of my clients ask for something in between. I keep 17 minds inside of mine, so there’s a voice for whatever style you desire.

How Fast Is Your Turnaround?

Depends on project scope. If we’re talking a page of copy with like 500 words, I’ll spin it up in a day. One caveat, I write good copy fast. Great copy takes a combination of time and multiple revision rounds. I’m totally on board to write great copy for you if you’ve got the time and patience for it.

What's Your Working Process?

1. Consult

2. Onboarding + Brand Analysis

3. Audience Research

4. Writing

5. Delivery

6. Revisions


Amazing copywriting work. Exactly what I asked for and in a very short amount of time. Wrote in the exact tone my audience will respond to and hit all the goals I had set. Super pleased with this. Thanks Lex

Simone Bienne

GMA Celebrity Therapist


Lex has been wonderful! We hired him to help create…content for our company — and are really impressed w/ how much time and effort he put into understanding our brand. He’s mindful of making content that both resonates w/ customers and pushes conversions.

Fresh Patch

Shark Tank Business


I got exactly 50X ROI the last time I hired Lex.

Rob O'Rourke

Fox Web School

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