Ever Deal With The Devil?

Direct Response Copywriting for Tomorrow's Biggest Brands.

Copy Infused With Soul...(s)

Choose your style. Sign in blood. Let the games begin.

Brand Copywriting

What does power feel like for you? Staring out the window of the 34th floor. Whiskey fire smoking on your lips. Is it her place tonight, or yours?

Direct Response Copy

There are words you can say that force people to act. If I call your mom a whore you'll believe me then. Let the Devil's Pen find those words for you.

Hypnotic Copywriting

Do your words induce sleep faster than Milton Erickson? I'll snap your readers back to reality, lock their thoughts in a money-gun trance. Try me... you'll see.

About The Devil's Pen

Lex DeVille is a Badass Copywriter, NLP Master Practitioner, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. He holds a BA and MA in Psychology and is working toward a PhD in Psychology. Lex writes for A-list through D-list celebrities, high-ticket coaches, SaaS companies, international retail brands, and even startups on Shark Tank.

Lex has been featured on Upwork, iNLP, The Fastlane Forum, Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends, Military Spouse, Next Gen Mil Spouse, The Joplin Globe, Kyle Keegan Radio Show, and many other places. He has trained tens of thousands of writers and over 14,000 students across 139 countries.

Today, Lex delivers nearly 15 years of experience to help clients tune their money machines to impossible new heights.

Executive Services

Website Copy | Sales Copy | Email Copy | Webinar Funnels | Sales Pages | VSL Scripts | Whitepapers | Brand Descriptions | Brand Naming | Copyediting & Review | Market Psychographics 

Direct Response Copywriting | Brand Copywriting | NLP Copywriting | Hypnotic Copywriting | Transformational Copywriting | Legal Copywriting | Psychological Copywriting

My Clients..

  • A-List Through D-List Celebrities and Mass Influencers
  • High-Ticket Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, & Course Makers
  • Professional Businesses (Psychologists, Lawyers, Doctors, Therapists)
  • SaaS Companies That Want to Turn Tech Speak Into "Ah, That's Freakin' Cool Yo!"
  • Major eCommerce and International Retail Brands 

Finger Snap.

You'd have to be drunk to hire me... (Kinda hope you are).

Step 1: Intake

You're in a chair in a dark room, wrists tied behind your back. I shine a bright light in your face and scream obscenities 'til you cry for mommy... (except... none of that...)

To help you, I need to understand you, your business, and your plans for world domination. So we'll have a quick call to make sure I *get* what you need. It's also to make sure we can stomach each other.

Step 2: Talk

Step 3: Proposal

Once I know all your dirty secrets, I'll shoot you a proposal with custom pricing options followed by an agreement and an invoice. You take care of that. Then we get to business.

Silence, check. Lighting, check. Tunes, check. Copywriting trance, initiated. Ready? Clench your thighs and grab a spare pair of underwear. Weather's forecasting rain. 💦

Step 4: Write

Step 5: Money

This is it! Publish your writing and get it in front of people as fast as possible. It's time to ignite your brand hotter than Hades' hot tub after Hunter King hops in.

How Much?

Depends how dirty my hands have to get. I write for professional companies and popular people. There's a bazillion clients... just one of me. 

(It's never as scary as you imagine)


On the value-creating side, I got exactly 50 times ROI last time I hired Lex.

Rob O'Rourke
Fox Web School


Lex has been wonderful! Really impressed w/ how much time and effort he put into understanding our brand. He's mindful of making content that both resonates w/ customers and pushes conversions.

Fresh Patch
Shark Tank Business


Lex is a legend. Period! He helped shape the vision and language for my brand launch. He has been a delight. I will definitely use him again!

Simone Bienne

Good Morning America

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