Brand Copywriter - The Devil's Pen, Lex DeVille

Yes, you’ve stumbled onto an authentic, one-of-a-kind, no-holds-barred Brand Copywriter. Not an outsourced agency. Not a course-chucking guru. I’m a real brand copywriter who really writes copy for clients and you can book a consult here.

But what makes a “brand copywriter”?

A brand copywriter understands the underlying elements of fantasy, story, and creativity, and how to stitch them together into a coherent brand identity.

(Said that for SEO.)

It’s hard to find REAL brand copywriters.

Partly because it’s easier to teach copy than to write it (and often more profitable).

Also because copywriters (those who actually write) can’t learn what their gurus don’t teach, and the outcome is a big fat (F) ailure on everybody’s part.

It’s a real travesty.

Almost every “copywriter” I meet thinks they have to learn from some guru.

I didn’t.

But I digress…  

What do you suppose a brand copywriter should look like?

Tough question.

Here’s what I think of when you ask for a brand copywriter.

You want someone to tell a storyseduce, emote, metaphor.

Someone with an intimate relationship with psychology (identity, personality, behavior).

Someone who knows direct-response technique better than their own name.

You want a cup that spills over with drama, semiotics, and fantasy.

Brand copywriting isn’t just stories.

It’s definitely not just writing.

Even most copy gurus aren’t good at it. They’ve read Ogilvy, Kennedy, Hopkins. They’ve read Carnegie and Cialdini.

But I wonder…

Who read Erickson, Peterman, Ash Ambirge?

Who plunged into Y&R to know the allure of daytime soaps?

Brand Copywriter - The Devil's Pen, Lex DeVille

Who studied lyrics for a decade to bind minds in metaphor like Dexter binds his victims?

Brand Copywriter - The Devil's Pen, Lex DeVille

ho built a biz writing sweaty romance?

Who earned multiple degrees in psychology?

Who legally changed their name to brand themselves into who they wanted to be?

Did any?

One did.

I did, and that’s why you should hire me.

Because branding isn’t just a thing I do. It is part of who I am. My brand embodies what other copywriters wish they could be.

But they can’t. They won’t.

Not ever.

Because normies think great begats great. So naturally (and logically), “study the greats if you want to be great” is their motto.

But it’s wrong.




I walked a different path.

Forged a different destiny.

Now you’re here, on my site, reading words written by me. 

Some might call that a sign.

I call it control.

So what makes brand copy different?

When you hired other writers, was it what you hoped for? Did you get a Rembrandt of words, or was it Jordan Belfort pushing penny stocks?

Brand copywriting is different from other copy because it has personality and identity.

Spam copy ignores that stuff.

Brand copywriting doesn’t take a sales-first approach.

It immerses you into a world based on HOW you want to feel and WHO you want to be.

It’s a long-game.

We’re winning minds and hearts FOREVER, not pitching Hoovers door-to-door.

Copywriting is easy.

Short, fast, stupid simple.

Brand copy is deep.

Read Chamber of Secrets, Moby Dick. Read Atlas Shrugged.

They don’t push you to buy.

They’re novels that pull you into alternate realities to escape your own miserable existence. They draw you into fantasy and let you exist there, live there, love there, right here, eternally.

Brand copy uses stories, especially metaphor.

More importantly, brand copy reveals a unique voice and style.

The reader can SEE who tells the story. They SEE you through your words and they know who you are and what you’re like.

Kinda like a relationship.

Hopefully, they see the same person in your words that they want to see in their bathroom mirror when they get out of bed each morning.

When your copy does that…

that’s magic.

We all love magic. 🪄🎩🦄

Want me to write your copy?