Luxury Copywriter - The Devil's Pen

Do you set high prices and justify with the word “luxury”?

Well I got news for you.

Gotta call it “luxury”…

*drum roll*


So how do people know if an offer is actually luxury (which usually just means “premium”)?

How do you get people to believe it?


Add chaos.


People want chaos in their brands.


Because it’s not boring.

So instead of swallowing that handful of Xanax, they read just a little…

…well, you know what I was gonna say.


Pro tip: say crazy shit AND make ’em smile – win a customer for life.

People love chaos.

Consume it like addicts.

Subconsciously, they get how much MONEY the brand must’ve spent on copy.

(amazing writers charge extraordinary prices, don’t they?)

It’s a simple mental shift, but that shift changes everything about how they perceive you.

You have this brand.

You offer this product.

You’d be insane to let some lunatic write inappropriate slurs all over your website unless you know *something* they don’t.

Unless your product is so valuable it doesn’t matter what your copy says.

So they can’t stop thinking about you.

They share you.

You get exposure.

More eyes on your products.

More sales.


Social proof.

Social proof increases agreement.

The more people agree your products are luxury, the more it becomes real.

Does Banksy call his art, “luxury?”

His paintings sell for millions, but where’s the word, “luxury”?


So what do you get with Banksy?

A touch of chaos.

Like when his red balloon painting shredded itself after it was sold at auction for $1,400,000.00.


What makes a Banksy valuable?

What makes art valuable?

The unexpected. Unusual. Uncanny. Unconventional. Unsightly. Unrealistic. Unpossible. Unsensible. Underground. Unraveling everything everyone thinks they know about the way they think things are supposed to work.

That’s what makes “luxury.”

Side note: I know you struggled through the U words.

Luxury experiences aren’t found in the word “luxury” but in the word “experiences.”

Not just any experience, though.

Only experiences that stand out.

Like that time you watched those planes crash into the two towers.

You remember that.

You talked about that.

It was fucking chaos.

Give people an experience to remember, they’ll remember.

Give ’em something to talk about, they’ll talk.

They’ll share.

They’ll wear your price as a badge of honor that reveals their financial inadequacy and their personal insecurities shouting:


Nobody cares.

But that doesn’t matter because humans never learn.


I don’t need to convince you to like my copy.

You’ll do what you’ll do.

My job as a luxury copywriter who’s sold millions and millions of dollars for his clients, is to inform you that your copy is shit, mine is better.

Beyond that, you have to make your own choices.

So how will you make your brand stand out?

How will you create chaos and from that chaos manifest “luxury”?